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A Personal NDIS Journey – waiting for testing results

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Jack’s behaviour is getting more challenging as puberty starts to kick in. His need to control situations and people around him manifests itself in aggressive outbursts against fellow students, teachers, siblings and his mother. His school is struggling to accommodate his outbursts and shifted suspensions to restricted attendance – two hours per day, when they have a dedicated resource to shadow him and deflate any situations.

He is a good kid. It is heartbreaking to see him frustrated and unable to self-regulate; the remorse that follows as almost as bad as the flare-up.  This is not something my family has ever experienced and is still trying to deal with. We are desperate for tools and strategies to help him de-escalate, to keep everyone safe. The kids who share the home are desperate for respite and are beginning to lash out in frustration.

Tempers are getting shorter but the flares are getting longer. Everyone at home is walking on egg shells, afraid to ignite the dry tinder. A series of events led to a flare up which in turn lead to police being called. Several hours later they left after establishing that the physical rage was not pre-determined and Jack is not likely to purposefully hurt anyone.

The school has asked if we can explore medication. Offcourse only a paediatrician can prescribe the specific medications that can be helpful with autism related aggression regulation. Have you tried to see a paediatrician lately? The waitlists are long but the need is immediate.

Two weeks after testing we get the results and we now have an appointment with the O.T and social worker to discuss the next steps.

Alex Gelman

Published 14 Nov 2022

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