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Through Find a Carer, Mark (VIC) found a very special lady as his client. Find out more on his experience in the below videos.

“I found a wonderful Carer Karen from the site who looked after my Mum for a year. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing assistance with their loved one.”

Cathy, Yarraville VIC

Thank you very much for your wonderful website. Great and easy!

Marina – Wolffdene, QLD

We are very impressed with your website and how easy it is to use. Two weeks ago (before we found this website) we were really worried because we needed to find someone to care for my mother Violet and we were not having an luck. Since signing up, we have got a lovely lady to come in and I am interviewing another person this week to share the workload. Thank you so very much for a much needed service and a well laid out website.

Bonnie – Canning Vale, WA

Thank you for creating this platform. My family was in dire straits looking for a carer for my grandmother in North Queensland. Although I was unsure about the site once I got two replies from interested caretakers I was super stoked. The relief our family felt was immediate. You have created a great service. I am so happy. My mother and uncle so relieved. I kept saying to them don’t rest all your hopes on this as it is a website I cannot validate. Anyway late last night was relief and my uncle is meeting one carer this afternoon and she may start as early as next weekend

Stephen – Annandale, Queensland

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful carer that I found through your website. Monika has been a wonderful support for my mother during the time that she has been with us caring for my father. She has been reliable, consientious, caring, honest and cannot say enough about her. She has helped my father with his walking, with his personal care and with everything that he could want or need. I cannot recommend her enough and I am only sorry that she is moving state otherwise she would be with us longer. Whoever gets her as their Carer will be thrilled to have them in their home as she has great respect for the person that she is Carer for and she truly cares which is rare these days. I wish her only good luck and to be happy.

Shirley – Maroubra, New South Wales

What a perfectly thought-out resource this is!!!! Attendant care agencies have a lot to answer for and frankly, are little more than worthless money pits that I’ve happily left behind – good ridance to them and a most grateful welcome to the creators of Find a Carer!!!! In fact, I feel like shouting it from the rooftops of Melbourne!!!

Dana – Kew, Victoria

Just wanted to say a big ‘thankyou’ for setting up such a wonderful website and service. I have had my 94 year old mother living with my family for the past 18 months and always struggled to find carers till I discovered your website.

Anthea -Tallai, Queensland

I would like to say a huge thank you to Find A Carer. I found a suitable carer immediately for my mum while she was on holiday with us recently. Our nurse/carer, Laura was outstanding. Congratulations on your service and thank you again.

Naomi – Alphington, Victoria

First thanks for the great service your website provides. In desperation I typed in find a carer and I was presently surprised to initially find your site. My son is nearly 40 and classified as High Needs and the agency was less than helpful in finding the second carer quickly. I was doing most of the work as the second carer, slowly burning out. The value that I see with your service is that I can advertise, I can interview, I can match potential carers skills and personality with my son’ needs and personality as well as my needs in assisting me so that my son does not return to nursing home care. I found a great carer through your site. Keep up the great work.

Maggie – Parkville, Victoria

This is a fabulous site & I found what I was looking for – have passed this address along to some friends in a similar position.

Jan – Burringbar, New South Wales

This site is fantastic. Prior to adding my profile to your site, I was only working 25 hours per week as a carer. I added my profile and was contacted by a client’s wife about 3 hours later. I have now been working for this client 2 evenings a week for the last month. This work is ongoing. About 4 days later I was contacted by another potential client. I am now working two evenings per week plus two sleep overs per week with her. This work is also ongoing. All up, I have picked up an additional 25 hours per week as a direct result of your website. I am extremely happy with this result. I have continued to be contacted by a few clients from your website. I have had to advise them that I am unable to take on any more work at this time. This site has worked really well for me. I picked up lots of work in a very short space of time. Thanks to your website I now have a very busy work week and much improved income. Thank you so much.

Christine – St Kilda East, Victoria

Hi there, this is just a note to let you know that this is the best website I have come across and it has already helped me. Carers out near Chirnside Park have been very hard to find and your site gave me about 30 to look at. So thank you very much and keep the good work going.

Dieter – Chirnside Park, Victoria

Just to let you know I have been in touch with a few carers and have two on my staff now. Thank you so much for having a site where I can go to when I need someone. I have a different carer each day for my daughter, so all the stress from trying to find carers has gone. Thanks so much.

Doreen – Thornlie, Western Australia

I just wanted to say how great this site is. I posted my availability and skills and was working within a very short space of time. My choice is to only work with dementia patients in their home as this is the client category that I believe I can best contribute my knowledge and skills to and which I enjoy working with. Thank you for making this site available. Keep up the good work.

Diane – Goodna, Queensland

“Keep up the good work guys. I have been able to locate a carer through the site and I am delighted. To my knowledge this is an invaluable resource tool. I am delighted to have found you and I am very pleased with the results. All carers and people looking for care should register with your site. Good luck in the future the service you are providing is invaluable.”

Alan – Brighton, Victoria

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