Carer Spotlight: Meet Jannat

Jannat’s journey into caregiving is a compelling tale of passion and commitment, deeply rooted in personal experience and academic expertise. 

With a background in psychology, Jannat has always been drawn to understanding human interactions and mental processes. However, it was her personal experience of being a primary caregiver for her grandmother for over a decade that truly ignited her passion for caregiving.

“Taking care of my grandmother was a profound part of my life. It was more than just assistance; it was about enriching her life and ensuring she felt loved and cared for every single day,” Jannat shares.

Her grandmother’s passing last year marked a significant chapter in her life but also reinforced her dedication to the caregiving profession.

Jannat’s approach to caregiving is deeply personal. She combines her academic knowledge with a compassionate understanding that each client’s needs are unique and deserve a tailored approach. “I love making a difference in people’s lives, building meaningful relationships and ensuring they receive the best care possible,” she explains.

Her experience extends beyond elderly care. Jannat has worked with disabled individuals and in mental health settings, employing her skills to manage behavioral patterns and support her clients’ mental health. “Each client develops unique coping strategies, and it’s crucial to create a supportive environment that fosters a sense of safety and belonging,” she notes.

Jannat’s method of building rapport with new clients involves active listening, empathy, and open communication. “I’m naturally soft-spoken, which helps in creating a calm and trusting atmosphere. I use simple language and take the time to really understand what my clients need and want,” she adds.

One of the significant challenges Jannat faces is balancing the needs of her clients with the expectations of their families. “It’s essential to work closely with families, especially in aged care, to ensure that everyone’s concerns are addressed and that the care provided aligns with the client’s needs,” she explains. Jannat is skilled at navigating these sometimes complex dynamics, advocating for her clients while maintaining respectful and constructive communication with their families.

Looking ahead, Jannat is eager to expand her role within the caregiving field. She hopes to continue working in environments where she can apply her skills in medication management, meal preparation, and overall domestic assistance. “My goal is to enhance the quality of life for my clients, ensuring they feel respected, valued, and genuinely cared for,” she concludes.

Jannat’s story is not just about the care she provides but about the profound impact she aims to make on each person she works with. Her dedication to her profession and her clients shines through every aspect of her work, making her a truly exceptional caregiver.

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