Carer Spotlight: Meet Sandra

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Sandra, one of our incredible carers based in Warrawee, NSW. 

Sandra has been with us for over ten years, providing exceptional care in various areas including Aged Care, Dementia, and Disability, among others. 

Sandra’s passion for her work shines through as she talks about the importance of connecting with her clients personally. She believes that seeing and understanding clients in their environment is key to providing the care they need and deserve. Sandra’s approach is all about building trust and ensuring her clients are comfortable and happy. 

She also shares insights into her experiences with families, emphasising the need to keep elderly clients in their familiar home setting whenever possible. Sandra’s stories highlight her deep commitment to her clients’ well -being, often advocating for their needs even when faced with challenges. 

At Find a Carer, we’re proud to support Sandra in her mission to provide compassionate and personalised care. Her dedication is a perfect example of the values we hold dear — ensuring every client receives the best possible support. 

Sandra’s work with us not only demonstrates her incredible skills and empathy but also reflects our commitment to connecting skilled carers with those in need in our community. 

Interested in getting in touch with Sandra? Email us at 

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