Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024 and the Inspirational Women of Find a Carer

This International Women’s Day 2024, Find a Carer celebrates the remarkable women in our team and their inspirational choices of female figures they’d love to share a meal with. This year’s theme, “Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress,” emphasises the pivotal role of women’s economic empowerment in achieving a gender-equal world.

It’s a call to action to ensure women and girls have equal opportunities to build their futures, echoing our commitment to fostering an inclusive, supportive community.

As we embrace this theme, we asked the incredible women of our team:
“If you could have dinner with any woman, alive or passed on, who would it be and why?”

Their responses, diverse and profound, reflect the spectrum of influence that women have across time and disciplines.

Sabrina Popal
Care Coordination & Support Specialist

“I would like to have dinner with my maternal grandmother, who my mother hasn’t seen since she was three years old. Due to the war in Afghanistan, my mother was separated from her mother when she fled with her father’s family. Meeting my grandmother would not only provide me with a deeper understanding of our family history and the challenges faced by women during that time, but it would also allow me to express my gratitude for her sacrifices. Additionally, seeing any physical resemblance between her and my mother would be surreal.”

Lidia Szoke
Client Success Executive

“If I could have dinner with any woman it would be with Dr Edith Eger, Clinical Psychologist. Her remarkable story of survival, resilience, and ability to find hope and joy. Her book The Choice and The Gift has deeply impacted my perspective, revealing the depth of human resilience and the transformational power of compassion. Her Hungarian heritage and incredible story serves as a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit. We could speak in the same language, and she could share so much more in person I feel.”

Laxmi Shrestha
Care Coordination & Support Specialist

If I could have dinner with any woman for International Women’s Day, it would be Malala Yousafzai, whose unwavering advocacy for girls’ education exemplifies courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

By highlighting these personal heroes, we’re not just celebrating International Women’s Day; we’re recognising the ongoing impact of women’s contributions to society, culture, and our daily lives. It’s a reminder of the power of inclusion, the importance of lifting each other up, and the endless possibilities that unfold when we count every woman in.

Join us in this celebration and reflection, as we continue to work towards a world where every woman and girl can realise their potential, free from economic barriers and social constraints.

Together, we can accelerate progress towards gender equality.

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